Tele-Pharmacy Certification (TPC)

Course Overview

A tele-pharmacy  certification with an emphasis on opioid education offers multiple advantages:

  1. It equips health care professionals with the knowledge to understand opioids responsibly, reducing the risk of misuse, addiction, and overdose. This specialized training ensures that patients receive the correct dosage, counseling on potential side effects, and safe storage and disposal guidance.
  2. Through tele-pharmacy, health care professionals can reach patients in remote or underserved areas, ensuring equitable access to pain management.
  3. The certification highlights the health care professional’s commitment to continuous learning and patient safety, establishing greater trust with patients and healthcare providers.

Overall, this certification enhances quality care, safety, and accessibility.

The course is completely online and is affordable ($599, all-inclusive) for diverse practice settings and practitioners, as well as administrators in the healthcare field. If you’re looking to understand the world of tele-pharmacy and the tools and strategies used to guide and apply these concepts in healthcare, you’ve come to the right place.

GHA Institute’s Tele-Pharmacy Certification (TPC) course is fully comprehensive and fully online. Upon completion, students will be able to move seamlessly from the training environment into the workplace and begin leading Tele-pharmacy projects. We recommend this course to those new to health care or interested in entering the health care market with a better understanding of emerging technology usage.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Key module objectives are to:

Learning Outcomes for the Opioid and Tele-pharmacy Course:

Tele-Pharmacy Certification (TPC)