Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA)

Course Overview

GHA Institute Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA) provides an understanding of technology shaping how we deliver healthcare now and in the future. Practitioners must have a thorough knowledge and comfort level with telemedicine. This Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA) course better equips healthcare professionals to provide optimal patient care. 

Healthcare professionals will enhance patient satisfaction by being able to deliver what is a patient-driven demand. Healthcare professionals may become or remain competitive in the marketplace because of the acquired skills in telemedicine application. The course will provide an understanding of Dr. Veronica Antoine’s 3 A’s: Access, Affordability, and Autonomy.

The overall goal of this course is to aid in developing competency in the use of telemedicine and in maximizing patient outcomes. (3 Contact Hours)

Course Objectives: At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Have a broadened understanding of how telemedicine increases access to healthcare
  • Demonstrate how telemedicine care addresses affordability
  • Illustrate how telemedicine can enhance autonomy and empower your patients to be more proactive in their care, thereby leading to improved patient outcomes

Target Audience: Nurses, Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), Medical Doctors, Pharmaceutical Professionals, Tele-neuro-psychologists, Social Workers, and Mental Health Workers providers.

General Topical Outline

Understanding Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA) Health:

Stated simply, telemedicine clinical application of health knowledge, skill, and ability is the future. Telemedicine clinical application denotes clinical services, specifically. This model employs telecommunications specifically to diagnose and then treat patients. Numerous applications and services are included under Telemedicine Clinical Application. The applications and services utilize email, smartphones, two-way video, wireless tools, and other telecommunications technologies.

Providing Awareness of State laws relating to Telemedicine:

  • Expanding on reimbursement requirements for telemedicine visits
  • Understanding the telemedicine software platform available
  • Usage of dedicated private space for televideo visits
  • Developed, discussed, and understand the Telemedicine workflow
  • Understanding telemedicine limitations

Telemedicine Clinical Application is an emerging and stirring model of care delivery. The model of care delivery is a dynamic force for addressing current encounters in the healthcare landscape.

Telemedicine can reduce American healthcare spending by decreasing problems like medication misuse, unnecessary emergency department visits, and prolonged hospitalizations.

Our program includes 12 months of online course access and unlimited instructor and customer service support because GHA is committed to being your team throughout the program.

Course eManuel – essentially everything you need to become certified and lead projects in the workplace.

Students are educated and tested on their understanding and ability to apply the tools and techniques of all elements of the Telehealth methodology. As part of the telehealth methodology, students are taught how to integrate Telemedicine/Telehealth into an overall process improvement and project management approach. Training is conducted online and uses a multimedia format that includes audio by TCA experts, examples of successful performance improvement, interactive simulations and quizzes, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available.

The course is “self-paced” and can be accessed at any time—and—anywhere, which provides the most flexibility in completing the course. On average, students complete the course in 30 hours (average completion time, actual time may vary).

GHA Institute’s Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA)

After completion of this course and the certification testing, participants should be able to:

  • Describe Telemedicine Clinical Application models.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

After this course, certification participants should be able to perform as follows:

Key Outcomes

Telemedicine Clinical Application (TCA)