Press Release: GHA Institute MOU with KoBE and Fastech

Article Translation:The US Government Procurement Association (Chairman Lee Kyung-seok) signed a mutual business agreement with the GHA Institute, which runs a distance medical education program on the 31st of last month.
Founded in 2017, the GHA Institute is an institution that specializes in educating telemedicine and telehealth systems to health insurance practitioners and education personnel, doctors and nurses. Telemedicine uses information and communication technology to remotely communicate medical information between doctors and patients or between doctors and physicians.
Chairman Lee Kyung-suk said, “The need for non-face-to-face medical service, that is, telemedicine has become higher due to the recent corona19 pandemic, and the need for non-face-to-face medical service has increased. It has emerged as an immediate challenge.”
Chairman Lee said, “Remote medical service will be an opportunity to take a step forward in the quarantine health system, such as fostering smart and non-face-to-face industries.” “I would like to introduce telemedicine and telehealth programs to Korean society as well as to Korean specialists.” Emphasized.
Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new guidelines for the use of medical equipment and related telemedicine. This has lowered the barrier to entry to telemedicine and eased pre-regulation of specific monitoring devices. Medical treatment is permitted through video telephony technology such as Skype, and telemedicine is being carried out across the country regardless of the state license.
Forrester Research, a survey organization, predicts that telemedicine nationwide will reach about 1 billion this year.
“There is a shift in the medical community, with most of the patient counseling going on virtually,” said Ray Dodge, director of the Medical Center at Rochester University in New York.