Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional (CTTP)

Course Overview

GHA Institute Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional (CTTP) course is designed to train those who are working in health care, new to health care and training for health care professions, who want to understand the new landscape of healthcare and the fundamental changes required to meet workforce demands.This introductory, comprehensive interactive online 3-day, fully virtualized self-paced course reflects the latest research and ideas in telemedicine/telehealth.

Topics covered include: telehealth best practices, understanding telemedicine and telehealth, telemental using telebehavioral solutions, devices and equipment usage, telehealth roles and responsibilities, payment models, telehealth forms, change management, drone usage in healthcare, cybersecurity vulnerabilities in healthcare, and artificial intelligence. (15 Contact Hours)

The course is completely online and is affordable ($999, all-inclusive) for diverse practice settings and practitioners, as well as administrators in the healthcare field. If you’re looking to understand the world of telemedicine/telehealth and the tools and strategies used to guide and apply these concepts in health care you’ve come to the right place.

The salient goal of this certification program is to teach best practices. Lessons are designed for you to comprehend the most up-to-date topography regarding telemedicine and telehealth that include essential changes linked to advancements in healthcare. Each lesson builds upon the next, so you develop a holistic perspective on how everything you are learning fits together. This course is designed to educate healthcare professionals on the fundamental concepts of telehealth and telemedicine. This introductory course will assist healthcare professionals to effectively and efficiently deliver telehealth services through the implementation of best practices.

This course presents information concerning telemedicine/telehealth terminology, technology, forms, understanding the telehealth team, record keeping, and building knowledge of telehealth programs. It includes an electronic CTTP manual including forms and the certification exam. The course is ANCC Accredited and HIMSS approved education partner providing you with 15 CNE and CE hours Provider number PO566

Our comprehensive program includes 12 months of online course access along with unlimited instructor and customer service support because GHA is committed to being your team throughout the program. Also included at no extra cost is the comprehensive CTTP Simulated Project, a fully licensed Telehealth onboarding forms and job descriptions. Course eBook – essentially everything you need to become certified and lead projects in the workplace. GHA Institute sets the standard for online training and certification for individuals looking to achieve Telemedicine/Telehealth Certification.

Students are trained and tested on their understanding and ability to apply the tools and techniques of all elements of the Telehealth methodology. As part of the telehealth methodology, students are taught how to integrate Telemedicine/Telehealth into an overall approach to process improvement and project management.

Training is conducted online and uses a multi-media format. Successful performance improvement, interactive simulations and quizzes, and the most current and robust tools and techniques available. The course is “self-paced” and can be accessed at any time—and—anywhere, which provides the most flexibility in completing the course. On average, students complete the course in 150 hours (average completion time, actual time may vary)

GHA Institute’s Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional (CTTP) course is one the most comprehensive in the world.

Upon completion, students will be able to move seamlessly from the training environment into the workplace and begin leading Telehealth projects. We recommend this course to those new to health care or interested in entering the health care market with a better understanding of emerging technology usage.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Key Outcomes

Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional Package (CTTP)