Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional (CTNP)

Course Overview

GHA Institute Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional (CTNP) course reflects the latest research and ideas in nutrition. As a completed course, CTNP can be listed on the resume as a credential. We are pleased to be able to offer the certification to you. This certification program blends the latest from research, leading practices, and thought leaders. Also, the program offers videos as tools to guide and show the application of Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional health strategies.

Participants will focus on knowledge, skills, and application for overall tele nutrition. CTNP, an inclusive and vital topic which continues to rise in significance, includes information on nutritional health terminology, technology, understanding the tele nutrition and medicine team, plus change management. Participants will learn how to evolve in the dynamic CTNP industry in addition to recognizing the benefits that CTNP brings to diverse pinpointed audiences.

CTNP is an absorption of the specific knowledge and practice of Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional through quizzes, practical information, multimedia presentations, as well as scenarios. Keep in mind that CTNP is a continuously evolving topic. This means that information which may be regulation or law today could change next week, next month, or within the year.  Upon completion of this program to include the assessment, participants will be awarded with the certification – CTNP.

The goal of this Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional CTNP: A Certificate Program course is to develop nutritional medicine professionals as the declaration of quality and reachable nutritional medicine professionals rely on an overall workforce wrapped in knowledge, and skills. This introductory, comprehensive interactive online 7 module, fully virtualized self-paced course reflects the latest research and ideas in CTNP. (3 Contact Hours)

The course is completely online and is affordable ($999, all-inclusive) for diverse practice settings and practitioners, as well as administrators in the healthcare field. If you’re looking to understand the world of telemedicine/telehealth and the tools and strategies used to guide and apply these concepts in health care you’ve come to the right place.

GHA Institute’s Certified Tele nutrition (CTNP) course is one the most comprehensive in the world. Upon completion, students will be able to move seamlessly from the training environment into the workplace and begin leading Telehealth projects. We recommend this course to those new to health care or interested in entering the health care market with a better understanding of emerging technology usage.

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Key module objectives are to:

Key Outcomes

Certified Tele-Nutrition Professional (CTNP)