GHA Institute Partners to launch “Pilot Interprofessional Telehealth Mobilization Team (ITMT)”-COVID-19

Congratulation to Telehealth 101 graduates from GHA Institute!! Today along with our partners, we graduated & provided orientation for 30 nursing, social work and nutrition students from Howard University BSN, GMU MSW and Howard University PhD nutrition program. They are part of a pilot Interprofessional Telehealth Mobilization Team (ITMT) doing their maternity & community clinical rotation on “Surviving COVID-19” a tele-maternity PPD assessment & screening for high risk new¬†mothers & babies, teaching breast feeding (BF) remotely as part of WHO Baby Friendly (BF) initiative. In addition they will screen & assess elderly patients vulnerable to COVID-19. Pictured here is a virtual graduation, 2-day orientation and beginning of their clinical rotation. These students are amazing and already having ideas to serve these communities using telehealth apps,tools and innovative models. Day 2 orientation consist of a wonderful panel of SME that are Doctors, NP, Tele- Therapist, Faculty, Corp Executive, that spoke about new moms health risks, chronic disease management, telemedicine/telehealth, cyber health security, COVID-19 strategies, telehealth best practices & implementation, telemedicine tools, interprofessional model, lean quality management, regulations, policies and much much more. WOW.. The FIRST ever Interprofessional Telehealth training, clinical & practical hours in Tele-Maternity and Senior care. These are the next generation of “Thought Leaders.”They will develop models on ways to do health care better. So excited to be a part of the Global Choice Program helping to fight COVID-19 and provide clinical hours for health care students remotely. These students are so amazing and courageous. The future looks bright. They start telehealth visits next week receiving their clinical and practicum hours while serving these communities of high risk, vulnerable mothers, babies and seniors. Stay tuned for updates! Get Telehealth Certified!!¬†